It is important to note that artificial intelligence is not a competitor but a technological enabler that will support business and customer service experiences in such a way that services are better delivered and HR services are done with speed and accuracy.
Supporting this assertion is Diana Wong, a senior V.P of HR at Capital Group who says Technology is an enabler to delivering world-class advisor and investor experiences to our customers. So, we believe HR must mirror these best-in-class experiences by leveraging artificial intelligence for all phases of the employee lifecycle from recruiting to onboarding and developing employees.

Interestingly as we speak different organizations have integrated AI into their HR process and these will include the use of the following technologies:

TEXTIO Job Description writing and interviewing schedules. By simply typing a particular job title, Textio will come up with the JD, person specification and it could find, select and interview candidates for the positions. It is on record that Taxtio can performance the recruitment processes 17% faster than human beings.
ServiceNow ServiceNow has delivered highly rated services in the managed care and health sector. It has been proven to manage and generates medical benefit and enrollment instruction and details that have to do with medical policy, records, and benefits management. ServiceNow provides users with structured work pattern and intelligent workflow.

MONTAGETALENT This is a tested and known video platform and interviewing scheduling AI system with the capacity to search for talents as well scheduled and interview job applicants intelligently.

TALLA An AI system that provides mobile coaching and visual training using voice and simulative processes. This also supports electronics training platform that delivers training and manpower development for organizations. Talla can equally be deployed to manage HR documentation and filing system.

CHATBOT– Is an intelligent assistant that support the HR processes and could respond to HR related questions such as the availability of openings, recruitment processes, customized learning and development including onboarding for new staff among others. For instance, it is on record that Jane a chatbot designed by Loka in 2014 is capable of responding to HR related questions that can be stored in a computer system.
There are many others AI systems that have a direct relationship to human resource management and are quite beneficial in the way the organization is run today. Identifying AI usefulness to HR processes and adapting it to suit our environment, workplace culture and the overall interest of the organization should be the guideline in giving consideration to AI adoption.


Todays customers are increasingly becoming impatient to slow responses to their demands, they are highly mobile, they change service providers as soon as their needs are not met timely and accurately, hence the need for an organization to increase workforce performance so has to remain competitive. However, without mincing words, the response of human could sometimes be limited by a number of factors, therefore, the need to give consideration to the adoption of artificial intelligence that will enhance the speed of HR service delivery.
Presently the capacity of artificial intelligence has grown to covers areas such as speech recognition, optical character recognition, data processing, performance simulation, image and video and voice deployment which has also significantly supported such difficult task as medical surgery performance using robot, Â diagnosis of leukemia in human and the much publicized ability of Deep Blue the first computer chess-playing robot that defeated Garry Kasporov a reigning world chess champion on the 11th of May, 1997 and IBM Watson that defeated two world champions in the game of jeopardy and won a cash price of $ 1 million dollars
Today Amazon through its prime-air-drones delivery service can deliver items to the customers doorsteps within a minute.


Great opportunities are available to us as HR practitioners to hone our skills and ensure that values are delivered to our organization and businesses seamlessly and in a manner that supports and promotes the acceptable global standard. Learning is an endless endeavor hence the call by this writer that we position ourselves for the global revolution that artificial intelligence offers.
Amazingly, too, we need to wake up to the reality that failure to embrace modern HR technology and artificial intelligence for that matter will further push us out of relevance and possibly pushes the non-complying practitioner to the backside of history and insignificance.
The place of AI in human resource management is in the NOW and not in the FUTURE as some people are thinking.

Thank you for being part of the 21st-century organization!!!

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