Employers are constantly on the lookout for TALENTS that are well suited, properly oriented and motivated to drive their businesses and achieve positive impact. We at Darach Associate are better positioned, well-tooled are technologically wired to help you find the RIGHT PERSON for your business.

We have over two decades of combined experience in employment outsourcing, recruitment processes, placement and onboarding strategy to help your organization find talents that are cultured, experienced and process compliant.


Darach recruitment and placement processes are tailored to employer requirements and guided by expert input in recruitment processing, placement and onboarding. We see every of our client as unique and designed recruitment solution that suit their corporate value system, operations and key performance expectations.

We have been tested and proven when it comes to the RECRUITMENT of

Temporary Staffing ( 3 to 6 months maximum)
Full-time staff placement ( Permanent Employment)
Outsourcing for short and long-term project
Managed services (Direct Management of workforce , product and services)

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