Effects of sexual harassment on productivity and Human Dignity
• Decreased productivity. Sexual harassment will lead to a decreased in workers productivity and birth poor performances that will ultimately affect the overall performances of the organization

• It breeds mediocrity and compromise. Because of the need to cover up the act of sexual harassment, the harasser would naturally result in favoring each other and compromising on the standard at the expense of the organization.

• Sexual harassment violates the dignity of the workers and reduces his or her self-confidence. A victim of an unwelcome sexual act in most cases sees themselves as the victim of an uncontrolled action which is just beyond them.

• Loss of man-hours due to fatigue and emotional disconnects. By engaging in sexual adventure when you should be working could lead to the inability to concentrate and engage in the work as against pleasing someone.

• Litigation and exposure to lawsuits. Employment law places the duties of workers protection at the workplace on the employer therefore when workers allege sexual harassment at workplace their employer could be held liable for failure to protect the victim from sexual harassment.

• Staff turnover. The rate at which workers resigned from the job might be high and this will affect the stability of the organization particularly when your good hands leaves due to sexual harassment.

• Negative Publicity and bad Image for the organization. Imagine an organization being painted in the social media and the print media as an intolerable place to work due to constant sexual harassment. This can result when management is lackadaisical in handling sexually related offenses.

• Increased in medical related expense could also result from sexual harassment and the huge burden of such payment will fall on the employer.
Organizational leaders are expected to weigh the effects of workplace sexual harassments on the overall well-being of the organization and take appropriate action to reduce such acts to its bareness minimum.

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