It has been well documented that anything that causes an employee distraction would negatively impact performances and the quality of their work. According to the New York Times, in reference to a UC Irvine study, it was reported that a worker gets interrupted every 11 minutes on the job. Adding such deliberate off duties distraction like gambling would definitely worsen their performances and quality of work.

In addition to the above there are other likely implications of workplace gambling:

• Inability to remain focused
Delivering on work assignment requires total commitment and focus, anything that takes a workers attention off the job is likely going to affect task outcome and productivity in general. When employees, therefore leave their workplace to make a bet such action is most likely going to be detrimental to the business goals and objective.

• Causing a distraction to other team members
Work process demands that employees work together as a team to maximize resources, delivery time and turn out better product and services. When a team member is distracted, however, for any reason, that will definitely affect the overall team performance and deliverables.

• Constant request for salary advance
Gambling as we know can lead to addiction or the desperate need to win at all cost. Like other forms of addiction, an employee would constantly need money to satisfy his or her need of aiming for the next jackpot. This can, therefore, lead to employee running out of money and therefore resorting to requesting for I.O.U or the request for a salary advance.

• Likely case of financial fraud
In worst case scenario an uncontrollable passion for winning at all cost could lead to fraud, pilfering, theft and corrupt action on the part of the employee against the interest of the organization.

• Theft of employers time
Time theft is a major challenge with those that are involved in hourly betting or online gambling, checking of daily resulting and monitoring ongoing games such as soccer, racing, and boxing etc. will certainly affect the amount of time that the employee dedicates to doing the employers work.

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