Once you are done with the three level of preparation, the next thing is to set out hunting for the right job openings and ensure that you are able to submit and seek for an interview appointment. To achieve this, I will recommend the following strategies:
Use your social and professional network
The first thing to do is to inform relevant people in your family, social and professional cycle of your need for employment, sometimes you are requested to personally submit a copy of your CV to them and they will go on your behalf to send same to their own friends or organizations that they have contact with. In some cases, by informing them you will be asked or directed to contact one or two persons. This is a good starting point because of the close relationship that you enjoy at this level.

Visit companies websites

Most organizations do have an employment and career section on their websites where openings within the organizations are placed or request for CVs are made. If you have interest in the organizations and would like to build a career with them you can submit or fill out their application form and follow up by sending emails or through a personal visit.

Use the services of placement and outsourcing agencies

The use of recruitment or HR outsourcing firms is gaining wider currency; they have helped a lot of individuals secure placement with organizations and their business partners. You should identify the reputable ones, approach them for a discussion and let them know your job interest. For example, Darach Associate and Marketing Consulting Nigeria (www.darachassociate.com) has done a whole lot in this respect and their services can be taken advantage of in Nigeria.

Participate in Job fair and recruitment expose

Though not too popular in Nigeria, yet it is gaining ground. A job fair is when recruiters come together with the intention to meet job seekers on the spot thereby cutting down on the cost of advertising and other publicity promotions. You can check online media, news paper publications or asked fellow job seekers if they have such information.
Take up temporary and sometimes unpaid charity work
Temping is an opportunity to bridge the unemployment gaps in your CV and ensure that you remain busy while job-searching. It avails you the opportunity to do something of value, gain added experience and remain abreast with development about your career and the needs of employers. Temping can sometimes be taken up without pay or with a minimal allowance. The greatest benefit lies in the fact that when there is an opportunity for a permanent job opening you will be one of the first to be considered.

Identify organizations of interest and submit your CV to them unsolicited

Also, job search requires a lot of adventurous moves that require that you sometimes research and visit organizations that you like and let them know your interest and your value propositions for the organization. Backed with information about the organization and specific value-added propositions sometimes you might be considered for an interview or in the less a promise to contact you in the future can be gotten.
In conclusion, job hunting requires a lot of preparation and positive mindset, you must be creative in your approach and expand your search, the more opportunity that you have to place you CVs in organizations the better it is for you.


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