Job searching isn’t just about applying for jobs and hoping to get called for an interview anymore.It’s more complicated than that, especially in a competitive job market.The most successful job seekers utilize a variety of job search strategies to help them stand out from the crowd. Alison Doyle (2016)
A job search can be likened to a hunting expenditure, where the hunter adopt different strategies aimed at capturing the biggest and rare game, it will be noted that wild animals are not at the periphery but deep in the bush, so to get the best animal you must be smart, creative and versatile in your approach.
Getting a choice job can be compared to someone who is aiming at the stars, and in a recent quote, No one ever reached the stars from the comfort of their couch! Go on, get out there and go for it(Sir Richard Branson, September 4, 2017)



Job searching, job seeking or job hunting is a process, method or strategies use in looking for an opportunity for a job interview with the aim of securing an employment. Job searching could be due to unemployment, dissatisfaction with the current job, desire for a better position or a more convenient placement.


Job search basically is psychological, which involves being in the right frame of mind, planning and putting your resources to best uses. It is psychological because you need to believe that your effort will pay off, you are framed to believe that even when a number of efforts have not turn out as expected the next move should draw you closer to getting the job.
Also, it involves planning, being able to map out your demographics, identifying the organizations to visit and knowing where to search for the job. Proper planning is required especially for unemployed job-hunters who might equally be faced with the paucity of financial resources.
Lastly, it involves the ability to harness your network, relationship, the cycle of influence and other skills that can be put to use in getting information about job openings through unadvertised solicitations, social gatherings, and other conventional platforms.



Mental Preparation: The first steps to a successful job search are the need for self-confidence and assurance that you will succeed in such endeavor irrespective of the odds. Mental preparedness is what keeps you going even when its temporary appears as if it is not going to work. The ability to steer your inner strength will propel you on until you achieved your aim.
Physical Preparation: This includes the ability for self-organization, being fit and smart for the search and being ready at all times. I have seen a job seeker who worked into an office to submit his CV only to be asked to wait and see the HR Manager who put him through an interview and got him employed.
Material Preparation.Having your credentials in one place and all necessary materials will show your level of seriousness, a job-seeker must be on alert and ready to take the next opportunity that presents itself. He or she never take any walk for granted. He believes that the next move will be fruitful, who knows, he or she be asked to take a written test and submit passport photographs at the first call.


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