Management is defines as working with and through others in order to achieve shared objective or purpose. This would then mean that a manager or supervisor will be required to understand how people learn and accept such objective or purpose as relevant and worth pursuing in the best interest of the organization.
Suffice to say that a manager that does not understands the importance of communication, team building, goal determination and training the team will not be able to work with people and achieve organizational goals.
It is our advocacy in Darach Associate and Marketing Consulting Nigeria Limited that EVERY BUSINESS OWNER, MANAGER, SUPERVISOR, ADMINISTRATOR is a TRAINER. In conjunction with the American Certification Institute we wish to announce and invite you to participate in our June 2016 CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINER ( CIPT) course starting on the 4th and would run through the next three Saturdays in June , 2016 ( 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th respectively).
Training is an essential ingredient for realizing corporate objectives and building community of interest, expanding best ways of doing things, passing information in such a way that it is assimilated and put to productive uses by the learners. Training provides income generating opportunities for those with special skills and competences.
For more on the program kindly visit: or our Facebook page: For corporate or group presentation please send your request to or call Kayode on +2347088172236, 08033356911.

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