The Nigerian economy is being diversified from its mono product and oil based sector to a multi products /revenue generating economy. The pointer to this is the great emphasis that is now directed at agriculture, mining and industrialization. For a discerning mind, attention should be paid to capacity building and acquisition of knowledge that would enable one fit into the new economic reality and direction.

In the new economy, attention will be paid to professionalism, value based employment relationship and the ability to deliver superior results and performance.

It is also important to note that some of the professions that will take frontline in the new economy will require support from those who are skilled in agriculture and the agro allied industry, research, transportation/logistics, project management, supply chain management, purchasing, International sourcing, Human Resource Management, contracting and negotiation etc.

To thrive in the new economic reality knowledge is of paramount importance, positioning and certification or exposure to global best practices will be needed.

One recommendation is the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, USA. The institute’s training and certifications are recognized globally. The Institute has a network of alliance partners in most countries of the world and in Nigeria Darach Associate and Marketing Consulting Nigeria was appointed as the Institute authorized and sole representative.

For added information visit: or or call 07088172236.

Kayode Ibukunoluwa-Micah is a certified technical Professional trainer for the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, Delaware-USA and a certified International Professional Trainer to the American Certification Institute. A member of the Association for Talent Development and certified international Professional Negotiator. Kayode is a member of the prestigious Institute of Directors of Nigeria and a blogger. ( He is a trainer of over 18 years experience and he sits on the faculty of reputable organizations in Nigeria.

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