Career Plateau: Fundamentally, the relationship between the organization and the employees is that of a mutually beneficial one built on the fulcrum of the rendering of labor (ability, skills, and knowledge) in exchange for wages and other non-financial compensation or benefits calculated in productive terms or as services rendered to the organization. It is expected that this progressive relationship must be maintained for the organization to remain in business, attained the level of prosperity and be able to meet its obligations to the employees.

By implications, organization’s success is seen as the success of those that peopled the organization and to a large extent when the organization moves ahead in areas of deliverables; profitability, increased customer patronage and growth; it is expected that the workforce should experience “upward” movement or promotion.

However, situations are sometimes prevalent thereby militating against a worker’s inability to move beyond a particular level in the organizational or company’s hierarchy. Such a case is called CAREER PLATEAU. Promotional stalling or career plateau has numerous implications for an organization as well as the worker’s capacity for vertical advancement, career status enhancement and moral.


Career plateau defines a situation in which a worker or an employee is unable to move beyond a particular scale or level in the organization’s hierarchy due to insufficient responsibility, work role or opening above his or her current position.

Career plateau presents a state in one’s career where both vertical and horizontal promotion becomes restricted and in some cases work becomes un-challenging and lacking in motivation.

Career plateau can be structural, that is a situation where the organization’s structure does not permit the worker to move beyond a level in the hierarchy. It can as well be “contextual” in nature, this is a situation where the specific task that a worker could perform is such that he or she currently undertake and may not or presumed to be unqualified for any added role.

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