Medical researches show that the human body is a combination of interrelated and interdependent systems, the body works like a machine to give purpose to life. It has been proven also that the human body even in a state of semi-unconsciousness works 24/7 though at a different degree. However, the body needs rest, rejuvenation, re-oiling and adequate care. Like other machines, it is important to note that the human body can break down if not properly taken care of.

The human anatomy is made up of cells, tissues, and organs which form the human body systems. These systems are the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeletal, immune, excretory, muscular, nervous, and endocrine system. The working of the human system must be properly cared for as failure or breakdown in the system could impair the overall working of the human body, subsequently, this would affect the organization’s performances even in a highly automated work environment that requires human supervision.

In HR it is a recognized practice that after a period of work engagement the worker should take a rest either in term of break in-between an 8 hours work or an off duty-day after a continuous work process of 8 days. This is further expanded to include an annual leave vacation after the worker has been in employment for a period of one year. The reason, for this, is to give the body rest, allow the human system a proper reinvigoration and recovery.

Stress, boredom, tiredness, weakness, high blood pressure are known issues that are associated with work, these problems when they go beyond a manageable stage they could become hazardous and sometimes detrimental to the wellbeing of the worker. These factors can impair performances and worker productivity. It could result in loss of man-hour, an increase in workers’ turnover, the high cost of medical related expense, negative impacts on physical/emotional health and sometimes loss of life.

It is the opinion of this writer that in as much as work is an integral part of life, life can, however, become meaningful only in a healthy state, while pursuing the cause of the organization attention must equally be paid to personal wellbeing.

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