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Creativity and innovation are very important to the success of your business. But even more important is the perception you have about what constitutes success because that is exactly what will matter most. Top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation because they know that it is important for their growth.

You don’t want to just sit there working on just what you have achieved because you could easily be knocked off. There is no time to spend basking on the euphoria of your success because other people are out there innovating on your invention and could knock you off the market before you realize what is happening.

Let us look at top entrepreneurs in the world and you will find out one constant factor; they don’t rest on what they have achieved because they know how dynamic the market is. Facebook has had to make a lot of changes in the past five years and has acquired other startups that could complement it.

Apple and Windows have all tried to outdo themselves in their creative ventures leading to countless upgrades and production of new products. Even Dangote has made efforts to venture into many places he wasn’t part of before. I hear he is building a refinery now. That is awesome.

You see, the pattern is always the same. Top entrepreneurs will always find ways to reinvent themselves to stay competitive. This is why top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation.

You too can do same. We have compiled a list of tips on how top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation and it is our belief that it can benefit you. It is about knowing and following the right habit

top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation
  1. Observe mindfully

Creativity is a function of the observation we carry out. The fuel for our creativity lies in our ability to observe and perceive the details in our environment. Top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation when they start to observe mindfully, their environment and surroundings.

Note that the businesses you can start arise from the problems in the society and the environment and you can only see those problems when you observe. You are expected to increase your observation skills so as to tap into the infinite creative energy of the universe. Once this is done, you will begin to see places to improve and how to improve them. Innovation and invention will follow naturally.

I want to warn you that there exist lots of visual information that surrounds us. These could make it difficult for you to observe meaningfully and mindfully. Do not worry as this can be solved.

You can focus on the areas that you would want to improve. Look at the cause and effects and the relationships that exist between things and you will find what you need to innovate and create.

  1. You should try changing your environment

Have you ever wondered why top entrepreneurs travel a lot? Away from fun, there is the fact that they have to recharge their brains. The same environment might not give you the inspiration needed to handle the necessary things. You may need to leave the environment you are in once in a while to other places to be able to activate some creativity in you.

Away from moving away to other places, you will need to set up your workspace to catalyze creativity. The way your office space is set up can help you become more creative and it can also kill your creativity. It has to be comfortable and every detail has to be spot on. When the mind is relaxed, it can create.

  1. A stroll can do the magic

So many people live a very boring life. They are about all work and no play. It makes you dull, your brain becomes stuck in a particular routine that it may not have space for creativity and innovation. Top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation by taking time off work to exercise. The exercise could be as small as taking a walk in the street or jogging for a few minutes.

The exercise can achieve dual or multiple ends. It makes you fit and vibrant and increases the brain function. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to observe your environment so that you will the problems and prospects of the environment from a very close range. A lot of ideas have been sparked off during these processes. Don’t forget to write down your observations and ideas or thoughts as soon as you get home.

  1. Refuel your curiosity

Curiosity is necessary for innovation and creativity. When you are able to start wondering at why certain things are the way they are and you dig deeper to look for answers, you will certainly trigger innovation and creativity.

The above is a feature of entrepreneurs. They are curious beings but it takes a lot to sustain curiosity over time. It is possible that you just stop asking questions on why certain things are and start accepting them the way they are. At this point, you will need to start recharging your curiosity. Ask questions, research your interest and you will be surprised at the things you will find.

I promise you, your mind will certainly be awakened by the things you will find out and trust me, there is always an opportunity out there waiting for you to come to get it.

top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation
  1. Blue sky thinking could work too

I came across an article by Deep Patel and it talked about rewiring the brain for creativity. One of the things mentioned is blue sky thinking. I don’t want its meaning lost in translation so I’m just going to quote her.

According to her, “Blue sky thinking means to completely free your mind and brainstorm without limitations. It means moving beyond the standards, boundaries, and thresholds that we have built for ourselves and generating ideas that aren’t bound by cost, effort, time, technology or resources. It means freeing yourself of constraints, assumptions, and self-limiting beliefs. It’s a great way to ignite your creative engine and spur innovative thoughts.”

It will take a higher level of concentration to achieve this but it will be achieved nonetheless. When you are through, you will take the good ideas and cast out the bad ones. The ideas that have no connection to the goal are removed and you will be amazed at what is left for you to handle.

  1. Work with “design thinking”

I remember speaking with my pastor sometime in 2017 and he told that the reason many Americans succeed in creativity and innovation better than Africans is that they understand the place of putting others before self in the world. They understand the power of humanity and love in tapping from the infinite energy of the universe.

Again, I spoke with my brother who is a member of the Ancient Mystic Order of Rosae Crusae (AMORC). He also maintained that love is the highest level of power and whoever has it can tap from the universe whatever he or she needs. It has a creative ability. Design thinking is about that. It is about thinking to solve the problems of the universe.

According to Deep Patel, “Design thinking is an approach to practical and creative problem-solving. It starts with empathy — understanding what the end user wants, their constraints and desires. Because design thinking focuses on humans and understanding people’s needs, and then coming up with effective solutions to meet those needs, it can be applied to nearly any field.”

She went further to state that it has five stages, “empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.” You can try it out.

  1. You need to practice creating

It is noble that you want to be creative. You need to realize that practice makes perfect. Top entrepreneurs rewire their brains for creativity and innovation by actually creating something. To be more creative, always try to continuously create something.

You should understand that natural talent could just be about 10 percent and labor amounting to 90 percent even for the most creative of minds. You could create by writing, painting, singing, making music, drawing, editing, designing etc. Remember that creativity doesn’t just happen overnight. It could take time.

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