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Using Emotional Marketing On Facebook To Drive More Follower Interaction

Facebook is a well-known and powerful social media platform that is capable of providing businesses and website owners with a medium to build better brand awareness to millions of people. When using Facebook, the goal idea is to try and generate more interest to your business by engaging with people and creating a follower base. The more followers, the more chances that you’ll increase your conversion rate.

Though, not many people know how to drive more follower interaction to their social media pages. If you’re in this predicament, then this expert guide will give you the top tips on how you can use emotional marketing to your advantage. Let’s get started.

  1. Ask Thought Provoking Questions

One of the first ways to boost the interaction from your followers is by asking thought-provoking questions. Thought-provoking questions are questions that get your audience thinking. These types of questions tend to bring in a lot of interaction from your readership, and will give you an indication as to whether people are paying attention. Some examples of these types of questions can be similar to:

  • So, where do you think you’ll be in 20 years?
  • If you could be a novel, what would the title be?
  • Cat or dog? Which one would you be and why?

The more random the question, the more interaction you’ll gain for your social media page. If you constantly post one or two thought-provoking questions per week, the same time each week, your audience will then look forward to the following week.

  1. Share Valuable Content

The next thing that you can do to help improve your social interaction is by sharing valuable content. So, what is valuable content you ask? Valuable content is classed as:

  • Content that features minimal spelling mistakes.
  • Content that’s really well written with proper grammar.
  • Content which is relevant to your audience, your industry and your readership. Without relevancy, you won’t engage your audience.
  • Content that is able to provide them with the information they don’t know. It teaches them.

If you’re going to write content that you’re hoping to share on Facebook, then there are few things you can consider when writing it. These include:

  • Writing an eye-catching heading that catches your audience’s attention. A title which says ‘Best Ways To Learn Spanish’ isn’t as intriguing as ‘Inside Secrets On How You Can Learn Spanish In 1 Day’.
  • Create posts that are between 800-1000 words. Posts around 1000 words are generally long enough to offer enough info. Less than this you won’t be able to get your point across very well.
  • Keep a well-balanced layout: intro, subheadings, and conclusion. This will help the reader get through the content without becoming fatigued.
  • If you state a fact, back it up with a source link.

By using these tips when writing your article, you will help to provoke interest from them which will result in more comments, shares and likes.

  1. Use Different Emotional Triggers

With the online world of Facebook, emotions play a big role in whether a person interacts or not. If there’s a sad post it gets people talking, if it’s an opinion post it will gain more interaction from an angry response, and so on. When posting on Facebook, look at how your content is going to trigger interaction from your readers. Let’s take a look at some of the emotions you can trigger and how you can get the emotional response.

  • Happiness

Happiness is a great emotion to trigger. To trigger a happy emotional response, you simply need to share happy stories or stories with happy endings. If you feel joy when you read it, then it’s more than likely your followers will enjoy it as well. Happiness posts will gain more comments, shares and likes over any other type of emotional posts because people want to be happy. It’s good to share the love.

  • Anger

Anger is a delicate emotion to trigger you don’t want your followers to be angry at you but you want them to react. To walk this fine line, you simply need to get them angry about something they’re passionate about, and show them you are also passionate about the same subject. This may be something like animal cruelty. Your audience will have passionate anger if you tell them about how you hate it when animals are treated badly. You’ll find that by provoking their passions they will interact greatly.

  • Sadness

Sadness isn’t something you want to generate all the time as it is a powerful emotion to trigger. In small doses is fine, but don’t do it weekly. When you want to trigger sadness all you simply need to do is share or post a sad problem. But the key here is that the sad problem needs to have a solution as it can lead your readers feeling as if they’re incomplete and unsatisfied. This can cause distress which can lead to people shying away from your company more than interacting with it.


When it comes to emotional marketing through the use of Facebook, it’s always good to know how you can trigger emotions to gain more interactions. Whether you’re a business or a blogger, these tricks do work. So, are you ready to gain more Facebook interaction?

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